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  1. 10 lb. Chocolate Bar

    10 lb. Chocolate Bar

    The king of all candy bars! Delight chocoholics and gourmet cooks alike with this solid 10 lb. candy bar made from Peter's premium chocolate. It's also a unique option for corporate and office gift giving.

    Choose from: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate


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  2. Assorted Boxed Chocolates

    Assorted Boxed Chocolates

    Explore a tantalizing variety of Sayklly’s hand-dipped chocolates. This assortment is a favorite among nut-lovers. We roast our own nuts and hand-dip them in smooth premium chocolate. Whether you need a special gift for friends, family members, clients or coworkers, Sayklly’s Assorted Chocolates are prefect for any occasion.

    Featuring: Caramel Pecan Snappies, Caramel Cashew Snappies, Cashew Clusters, Peanut Clusters, Pecan Clusters, Almond Clusters, Walnut Clusters, Brazil Clusters, Filbert Clusters, Raisin Clusters, Coconut Clusters, Crunchies, Chocolate Creams, Vanilla Creams, Maple Creams and Raspberry creams

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  3. Assorted Boxed Creams

    Assorted Boxed Creams

    Treat yourself to a variety of Saykllly’s rich cream fillings, hand-dipped in premium chocolate. With so many wonderful flavors to choose from, you’re sure to have more than one favorite in this hand-packed box!

    Featuring: Vanilla Creams, Maple Creams, Chocolate Creams, Lemon Creams, Orange Creams, Mint Creams, Rum Creams and Raspberry Creams

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  4. Assorted Nut Clusters

    Assorted Nut Clusters

    Nut-lovers everywhere will savor Sayklly's Nut Clusters. We fresh roast the nuts before hand-dipping them in rich milk chocolate to create a sweet, crunchy assortment of irresistible candies. Sayklly's Assorted Nut Clusters are hand packed in 6 oz boxes.

    Featuring: Almond Clusters, Brazil Clusters, Cashew Clusters, Flibert Clusters and Peanut Clusters

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  5. Boxed Snappies

    Boxed Snappies

    You must try Sayklly’s best-selling Caramel Pecan and Caramel Cashew Snappies! We slow-cook our homemade caramel in copper kettles, pour it over fresh-roasted nuts, and then hand-dip it in premium melted chocolate to create our best-selling Snappies. Order plenty - they’re sure to be everyone’s favorite!

    Choose from: Caramel Pecan Snappies and Caramel Cashew Snappies

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  6. Candy Bars

    Candy Bars

    Who can say “no” to a Sayklly’s chocolate bar? These bars are the idea size for an anytime treat – big enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but smaller than a typical mass-market candy bar. Each candy bar is individually wrapped and comes in 12 count boxes.

    Choose your favorite: Fudge, Peanut Butter and Caramel

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  7. Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Indulge in a box of decadent Chocolate Covered Cherries. Enjoy a plump red maraschino cherry surrounded by a sweet liquid center and a coating of rich milk or dark chocolate. Our Chocolate Covered Cherries come beautifully wrapped in red and gold foil and are packaged in boxes of 14 candies (10 milk chocolate, 4 dark chocolate). You’ll love unwrapping each cherry treat! Learn More
  8. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

    Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

    Surprise your sweet tooth with Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. Imagine a crisp, salty potato chip dipped in a layer of sweet, premium milk chocolate. You can't eat just one! We hand pack our Chocolate Covered Potato Chips in ½ lb. or 1 lb. containers. Learn More
  9. Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies

    Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies

    Do you love your cookies dunked in milk? Try them dipped in premium milk chocolate! Enjoy the classic sandwich cookies you’ve loved since you were a kid drenched in a coating of smooth milk chocolate. These decadent Sayklly’s treats are hand packed in 7 oz boxes. Learn More
  10. Chocolate Drops – 12 oz

    Chocolate Drops – 12 oz

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  11. Fudge


    Creamy Butter Fudge and you'll know why it's been a hit for three generations. Every batch is made with fresh premium ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Featuring: Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut and Maple Nut Learn More
  12. Meltaway Bars

    Meltaway Bars

    Take a bite and feel your cares melt away with Sayklly’s Meltaway Bars. You’ll love the way the chocolate covered centers melt in your mouth. Each box contains 12 individually wrapped candy bars big enough to satisfy your craving, but smaller than a traditional mass-market candy bar. With four delicious flavors to choose from, you’re going want more than one box! 

    Choose from: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Mint and Fudge

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  13. Peanut Brittle

    Peanut Brittle - 8 oz

    Enjoy a crisp buttery treat that will take you back to the good ol’ days. Our Peanut Brittle is one of the original candies Joe Sayklly made when he started the company back in 1906. Sayklly’s sweet, crunchy Home Made Peanut Brittle is hand-stirred in copper kettles and made with premium peanuts, fresh-roasted on-site. This original Sayklly’s treat comes in a 8 oz box. Learn More
  14. Saltwater Taffy

    Salt Water Taffy

    Re-discover the colorful chewy candy you loved as a kid. Our Home Made Salt Water Taffy is the same stuff Grandpa Sayklly hand-pulled to perfection 100 years ago. Sayklly's Salt Water Taffy is made from our old-time recipe and hand-flavored by expert candy makers. Each 1 lb bag features nine old fashion flavors!

    Featuring: Anise, Orange, Cherry, Mint, Vanilla, Maple, Grape, Chocolate and Banana

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  15. Seafoam


    If you've never tasted this crisp, airy molasses candy hand dipped in smooth milk chocolate then you're missing out on one of Sayklly's best-kept secrets. We make our Seafoam on-site and hand pack it in ½ lb. or 1 lb. containers. Learn More
  16. Whopper Snappies

    Whopper Snappies

    Are you ready for a colossal confection? Each Whopper Snappie contains fresh roasted nuts, a layer of homemade caramel and premium Sayklly’s chocolate. Enjoy this supersized version of a Sayklly’s staple, available in 1 lb increments up to 20 lbs.

    Want to know more about this sweet creation? Watch our segment on the Food Network’s “Unwrapped.”

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  17. Yooper Bars

    Yooper Bars

    Sayklly's Yooper Bars are a sweet way to show your Yooper pride! Folks born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan call themselves "Yoopers," and Sayklly's created the original Yooper Bar to honor the company's proud U.P. heritage. Yooper Bars are solid, homemade milk chocolate bars made from cocoa and molded in the shape of the Upper Peninsula. Each Yooper Bar is individually wrapped and packaged in 12 count boxes.

    Have Sayklly's create personalized candy bar wrappers for a unique wedding or party favor. Treat your guests to Sayklly's delicious, premium milk chocolate and celebrate your Yooper heritage with customized Yooper Bars. To find out how to order your own personalized candy bars, call Sayklly's Confectionery and Gifts toll free at 1-866-6-SWEETS.

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