1. Eggs


    Indulge in Sayklly's traditional Easter eggs with your choice of delicious centers. Enjoy creamy chocolate, smooth peanut butter or maple walnut fudge, the “original” cherry nougat with walnuts, smooth caramel or sweet coconut enrobed in luscious dark or milk chocolate. All of our famous Easter eggs come in 7 and 14 ounces and some up to 28 and 42 ounces! Learn More
  2. Chocolate Bunnies

    Chocolate Bunnies

    The iconic Easter bunny in decadent milk, dark or white chocolate. He sits up nicely in your Easter grass due to his solid chocolate build and comes in a variety of sizes. Learn More
  3. Chocolate Bunny Suckers

    Chocolate Bunny Suckers

    These one-ounce bunny suckers are adorable and delicious! The happy face of the Easter Bunny is framed in our smooth, creamy chocolate. Sold in 3-packs of all milk or white chocolate. Learn More
  4. Milk Chocolate Coconut Nest

    Coconut Nests

    How cute! Fresh, shredded coconut cluster "nests" covered in pure milk or white chocolate and topped with fruity Jelly Belly "eggs". Sold in packs of 4 (4 oz). Learn More
  5. Fruit Pectin Jelly Beans - 1 lb

    Fruit Pectin Jelly Beans - 1 lb

    Fruity, chewy morsels that light up your taste buds. There is nothing quite like the taste of this time-honored confection. Caution: Maybe eaten by the handful. Learn More
  6. "Carrot" Tangerine Jelly Bellies -  4.25 oz

    "Carrot" Tangerine Jelly Bellies - 4.25 oz

    Wow, what a flavor! Here's a secret: This carrot with tangerine flavored Jelly Bellies is the Easter Bunny's favorite. Shhhh… Learn More
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